Roasted Mushroom Salad

When we think of Fall we think of mushrooms. Hidden under colourful leaves on the forest floor -- just waiting to be discovered, cooked and eaten. Hearty, earthy and bursting with delicious umami flavour. Today's recipe is for a delicious Roasted Mushroom Salad.

Mushrooms are a really important food to include in your diet. Though not to everyone's taste, their health benefits are undeniable. They offer vitamin D, selenium, antioxidants, and fiber. They are recommended for everyone but particularly for people with a variety of health problems -- from weight management issues to cancer. They're also really delicious!

For this recipe, feel free to use any mushroom variety you enjoy or even a mix if you prefer. We opted for cremini mushrooms over button because we prefer the more intense flavour they offer. Shiitakes or even more exotic mushrooms will also work well in this recipe, so use whatever kind you have.

Mushrooms are the star of this recipe. Roasted to perfection, they are the main player in an otherwise simple salad. Mushrooms are the kind of ingredient that can overpower a dish easily so we kept them as the focal point, topping a simple green salad with a very simple vinaigrette. We added creamy avocado (which pairs well with mushrooms) to make this salad a little more filling, turning this dish into a meal.

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Roasted Mushroom Salad

  • 2 pints of button, cremini or shiitake mushrooms (or a mix)
  • 2 large tomatoes, chopped and cubed
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 1 bunch of greens, lettuce, kale, chard or a mix
  • *Olive oil (see substitution notes below)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • Roasting spice mix- cayenne, turmeric, black pepper

Chop and toss mushrooms in 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and roasting spices. Stir fry, or roast at 375 until golden, about 20 minutes. In a large serving bowl, tear or chop greens and top with tomatoes and avocado slices. Once mushrooms are cooked, sprinkle over top of salad and season with 1/4 cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar and toss to combine.  Season with sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Substitution Notes:
*Coconut oil or grape seed oil can be used in the place of olive oil.*

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The Powerful Beet

Beet and Carrot Salad

Beets are a nutritional powerhouse with their rich, deep red-violet colour that holds beneficial betalain pigments. These pigments can help keep nerves healthy, have anti-inflammatory benefits and helps detoxify the body overall.

At Wanigan, we recommend eating them raw or gently steaming them if you want the full nutritional impact of the beets super powers. 

Try beets simply shredded and added to salads and onto other dishes. Juiced with an apple, carrot and ginger makes a  potent and healthy juice.

Of course, beets are delicious roasted in the oven or prepared into soups and stews as well.

The colour in beets makes for an excellent food colouring for baking cakes, muffins and icing. If you're into colouring easter eggs, beets make an excellent red dye that is 100% natural.

Beet & Carrot Salad

1 large red beet, peeled and grated
3 carrots, scrubbed and grated
2 green onions, finely sliced
1⁄2 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1⁄2 cup raw walnuts


2 oranges, peeled and seeded
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1⁄2 tsp sea salt

Finely shred beets and carrots, separately in a food processor. 
Keep them separated until you are ready to serve so the bright red colour of the beets will gradually saturate the carrots. Set aside.

Blend all dressing ingredients and pour over beets in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Toss together and gently add carrots and toss again.
Before serving, sprinkle pumpkin seeds and walnuts on top.

Makes 2 servings


The Mighty Carrot

Carrot Basil Soup

Carrots are high in antioxidants, mainly the well known beta carotene. Beta carotene helps to keep the cardiovascular system strong as well as improving eye health and helpful in lowering cholesterol. High in fibre, vitamin A and C, they can help keep your immune system strong.

Enjoyed in so many different ways, carrots are easy to include in daily meal planning:

Juiced, pairs nicely with apple, ginger and beet.  Steamed or roasted. In baked goods for added fibre, who doesn't enjoy a good carrot cake! Soups and stews. As part of veggie trays for dipping instead of crackers. Blended for healthy baby food. Shredded into salads for a crunchy topping.


    Carrot Basil Soup

    6 tomatoes, roughly chopped
    3 carrots, chopped
    2 ribs of celery, chopped
    3 green onions, chopped
    2 tbsp olive oil
    2 cups water
    4 fresh basil leaves, julienned
    2 tbsp dried basil
    1/2 tsp black pepper
    1 tsp sea salt

    Heat olive oil in a soup pot, saute carrots and celery for about 7 minutes, until glazed and lightly browned.

    Add green onion and seasoning, quickly stir a few times and add tomatoes and water. Gently boil on medium heat until carrots are softened. Once cooked and allowed to cool, transfer to a blender or processor and blend to your liking.

    Serve with fresh basil.

    Potato Power

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    To stay the course through our journey to zero produce waste, we made a point to stay connected to the environment, local farmers, and all the wonderful members of our community who shared our vision.

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    Wanigan, a plant-powered organic & local food company, conveniently delivers really fresh assortments of organic veggies, fruits, juices and smoothies right to your door.

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    To go further though, we needed to get creative.

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    Wanigan Raw Orchard Mix

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    Elsewhere, we started treating our greens like cut flowers so we could extend their life and keep them vibrant. We handled each plant with extra care, and stood them stem down in water, so they would stay properly hydrated. Now customers tell us time and time again that our produce lasts way longer than what they buy from a typical grocery store.

    The next step was to figure out what to do with any spoiled fruit or trimmings from our kitchen...


    Delivery Sign-up

    Wanigan, a plant-powered organic & local food company, conveniently delivers really fresh assortments of organic veggies, fruits, juices and smoothies right to your door.