Fruit & Veg Original


Our most popular Weekly Wanigan basket, nice for families of 2 or 3 people. About 12 different types of certified organic fruit and veg.

Below are the projected contents for the upcoming week. You can substitute up to 2 items and replace them with anything we have available this week of similar dollar value. Send your substitutions to or click the 'My Wanigan Subs' link below.

My Wanigan Subs

PROJECTED CONTENTS - April 15th, 2019

2 ea organic Gala apples
1 bu organic bananas
2 ea organic Valencia oranges
½ lb organic limes
2 ea organic pears
1 ea organic avocado
1 bu organic red kale
1 bu organic carrots
1 ea organic yellow onion
1 bu organic romaine
1 ea organic English cucumber
1 ea organic garlic
1 bu organic broccoli