How is Wanigan Organics different from other services?

  • The highest quality organics at the lowest prices. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to add organic fruits and veggies into their diets and at the same time, to participate in a healthy food system.
  • Our basket assortments are larger so you get more for your $.
  • We are 100% plant-based.
  • We are located in Brampton and have operated in the GTA since 1997.
  • We believe healthy organic produce should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

What's a Wanigan basket?

  • It's our way of delighting our members with assortments of organic and in-season local fruit & veggies that change each week.  You choose from ten different versions and we change the contents weekly.

    Why should I order a Wanigan basket? 

    • It's an easy way to bring fresh, local & organic produce into your home so you can eat healthier on a regular basis.
    • Save time.  No more searching for organic and local in-season items.  We’ll bring them right to your door.
    • To support local and organic farming practices. 
    • It's simply one less thing you need to think about in your busy week.

    Hmm, which Wanigan basket do I choose? 

    • Our $34 Fruit & Veg Original is a good first choice.  Perhaps start here and you can swap to a different one anytime down the road if you like.

    What if I don't want to receive certain items in my Wanigan? 

    • No problem, you get free substitutions.  Just send us an email to subs@wanigan.com and you can request two items be removed and request replacement items.

    Is there a delivery fee, or maybe a start-up fee or any extra fees I can’t think of? 

    • No, no and no.

    What if something isn’t quite right with my delivery? 

    • 100% money back, no hassle guarantee.

    What time can I expect my delivery?

    • We deliver between 11 am and 8 pm and your delivery is roughly the same time each week.

    Do I need to be at home to receive my delivery?

    • No. The delivery is placed by your door or any spot that you suggest.  The driver will knock to alert you the delivery has arrived and then they will carry on to the next delivery.

    I want my delivery put into a cooler on my porch, will it fit?

    • Yes. Our deliveries are designed to fit inside coolers with a volume of 45 litres or more. Simply tell us where your cooler is and we'll place the delivery inside.

    Does Wanigan deliver to apartments and condos? 

    • Yes!  Either to your door or to the concierge depending on your building rules.

    Yikes! I'm afraid of commitments, what if I don't want a delivery anymore?

    • No worries, you can skip deliveries or cancel anytime.  Zero catch.