People at Wanigan


Emily Pittarelli

Wanigan Fan since 2013

How did you first find out about Wanigan?  "I was a customer for a year or so before I inquired about working here and have loved it ever since.  My passion for health and plant based eating fits perfectly and I am so grateful for all that I'm able to provide customers and what they in turn give us with their support.  I have a background in holistic nutrition and get to help people find true healing with food, designing smoothies and juices and simple recipes they can make at home."

What's the best part about working here?  "The Wanigan family, that starts from the ownership, the staff, the growers and farmers, who all have a common goal to feed families and that's important to me.  The people I get to meet and work with are so incredibly inspiring.  It's such a high level of care and so much goes into what we do as a company and family.  Every day brings a new way to reach out to someone with a delivery basket, a smoothie, a recipe or some health guidance, even a smile to help them in their journey.  It means a lot to be able to do that and call it work!"



Danuta & Vitoldus

In the field and the veg shop since 2017

Hi!  We’re Danuta and Vitoldus and we invite you to join Wanigan in support of local Farmers. We grow a variety of organic vegetables at Wanigan including radishes, lettuces, chards, carrots and red beets.  

Becoming an Organic Farmer has its challenges. Regardless, working on the field amending the soil and growing vegetables brings us full of joy. And at the end of each day we get a feeling of an accomplishment, as if we are part of a solution.

Our organic farming takes place at McVeen Farm in Brampton, Ontario. As we work the land, each day we build new skills that are essential to succeed in organic agricultural fields growing clean, healthy and nutritious vegetables for you to enjoy.

To your health!



Jim Wetmore

Wanigan Co-founder back in 1997

Looking forward, what excites you?  "Between the farm, the Vegquarters and Field Kitchen, Farm Store and home delivery, we have become a truly field-to-table company. The synergies are amazing. Getting on to the farm, for example, has allowed us to close the circle on organic waste from our Vegquarters and Field Kitchen. That in turn moves us toward our ultimate goal of being a Zero Waste company. It's really hard to do, and we are almost there."

First Encounter With Organics?  "My grandfather lived in the country and was an avid organic gardener back in the 1960s.  He subscribed to Rodale's iconic Organic Gardening magazine, back when nobody knew what it was about, and always had a dog earred copy on the table beside his lazy boy chair. His scrapy onions packed a wallop and were to die for!"


Peter Fuchs

Partner at Wanigan since 2003

Why work at Wanigan?  "My wife Sharon and I were customers first, getting a weekly Wanigan delivered to our home.  There were many things we loved about our deliveries, especially the delight we felt around unpacking the veggies when they arrived at our door.  Holding up the rainbow chard and admiring the size and colour or the quick brainstorming on how we might use the carrots this week.  We knew this was special.  I wanted more so I joined the team at Wanigan."

Best Wanigan moments:  "Customer interactions and connections are incredible in an authentic environment like this.  Being around good food seems to perk people up, like being at a large family celebration…without the drunk Uncle."

3 Point Bio: Daily runner, weekend bread baker and occasional carver of wooden spoons.