Fruit & Veg Large


About 16 different types of certified organic fruits and vegetables in larger portions.

Below are the projected contents for the upcoming week. You can substitute up to 2 items and replace them with anything we have available this week of similar dollar value. Send your substitutions to or click the 'My Wanigan Subs' link below.

My Wanigan Subs

PROJECTED CONTENTS - September 17th, 2018

4 ea organic Mac apples
1 bu organic bananas
1 ea organic mango
½ lb organic limes
3 ea organic Bosc pears
1 lb organic plums
1 ea organic avocado
1 bu organic kale
1 lb organic cooking onion
4 lb organic carrots
1 bu organic broccoli
½ lb organic yellow beans
1 ea organic pie pumpkin
1 bu organic beets w/tops
1 bu organic green onions