Fruit & Veg Original


Our most popular Weekly Wanigan basket, nice for families of 2 or 3 people. About 12 different types of certified organic fruit and veg.

Below are the projected contents for the upcoming week. You can substitute up to 2 items and replace them with anything we have available this week of similar dollar value. Send your substitutions to or click the 'My Wanigan Subs' link below.

My Wanigan Subs


2 organic Gala apples
1 bu organic bananas
2 ea organic Valencia oranges
½ lb organic limes
2 ea organic kiwi
1 ea organic avocado
1 bu organic chard
1/2 lb organic bok choy
1 ea organic cooking onion
½ bunch organic asparagus
1 ea organic red leaf
1 bu organic radish